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 About Gracio Cues

I am Scott Gracio, the sole builder of Gracio Custom Cues. I'd like to give a little background about myself and how I got started building cues. 

An avid pool player for many years, I have been on numerous pool teams in many different league formats. I have traveled many places for high level tournaments and led a few teams to National League play. Pool was my passion, I couldn't get enough of it. In fact, I met my wife through pool. For many years, I worked in my family's autobody and tow business until I decided to open a pool hall/bar. Soon after, my wife's health really began to fade. (She was born with Cystic Fibrosis which is a progressive disease, affecting primarily the lungs, but many other aspects of the body.)

I sold the bar and rather than going back to a full time job, I decided to teach myself to build cues, something I had always had an interest in. I could work from home which allowed me to stay with my girl full time. She was so ill that she could barely walk to the kitchen, let alone, fix herself a meal. She slept for 14 hours at a time and needed to be awakened for medications, feedings, and treatments. We were desperately awaiting a life saving Lung Transplant! 


When that call finally came in, we had to leave town for 3 months while she had her surgery and fought hard to recover. We had to up and leave at a moments notice. Planning ahead for all  of this, I knew I couldn't be in a position to answer to an employer. Cue building was the perfect answer for us.

She is now healthy, active and living LIFE.  She is so brave and beautiful!

...And that is our proud (though condensed) story of how Gracio Custom Cues came about.



What Gracio offers

Here, in the Gracio shop, I take cue building seriously. My cues are high quality customs built completely by me. 

They start with quality wood - each piece goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the wood is worthy of going into a cue. I check for sound quality, strength and grain aspects, as well as beauty and overall quality of each piece.

I can build anything, just let me know what you are looking for and I can make it happen! Check my gallery to see the many different designs and techniques I have accomplished. 

I take custom orders and will be in contact the whole way through the building process with emails, updates and progress photos. You will never feel forgotten! 

I guarantee my craftsmanship for life. 


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